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recently like past couple of days i have got very dry skin at the top of my penis and the forskin. orginally the skin changed texture so it ws almost and weirdly like ur skin on ur hand goes when there is dryed glue on it, except there ws no glue. now it has started flaking off, also the forskin if u pinch it if tht maks sense it gets a very weird texture, kinda like it ws shrivaling up.

as i said tht has happened quite littrly over night yesterday,

but also for many years ( as long as i can remember actually ) there have been many small bumps around the top of the crown as it were, along the ridge wether its even connected i dont know to the flaking skin.
(are these bumps normal or not, u have to understand i am only 16 so my question a lot of stuff so if u think its nothing please say just so i know.
any one have any advice?

oh also cant be any sort of stds as i am only 16 and havnt had sex.

thanks everyone in advance


There's a lot of variation in penile skin and conditions.

You describe a dry flakey condition over the head of the penis, but you don't tell us if there is any chance that you may have experienced a wet dream last night.

Is it possible that this is the aftermath of a nocturnal emission? Could it be dried, flaking semen?

You say it can't be an STI or STD cause you're not sexual active, but that doesn't mean that you couldn't have picked up an infection either from laundry, or elsewhere.

We need more info.

To be sure, you can mention this to your family doctor or school team trainer for some help. I'm sure they've heard it all before!