i was seen by i presume a junior doctor and examined thoroughly and he said it needed either a frenuloplasty or a circumcision but had to get "the boss" in to decide. so one again i have another examination and he agrees that it is tight. so we go back to the desk and he decides that a circumcision is out of the question as the foreskin is "healthy" he then says that the frenuloplasty is also out of the question because he doesnt know which way to cut it and it will make the foreskin tighter so cant do that either. I then say that a circumcision would stop those issues but he couldnt justify the risks to himself.So he has told me the best thing i can do is snap/tear the frenulum so he knows what way to cut it to lenghten it. Despite trying to say this was unsatisfactory he didn't listen and thats where he left it. I am quite angry about this and have requested a second opinion but have to wait 2 weeks for him to write up his notes.what can i do to get it sorted?