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Bit of a strange day for me today.

Lets start -I'm 17. and I've never been able to pull my foreskin back. I've seen pictures of other penis's with the foreskin back, but I didn't really think anything of it - just thought I was a little different.

Anyway, while looking for other things, I found this website this morning, and obviously had a little shock lol. However, it made total sense, and explained why my penis looked different. I read several threads, and starting playing around.

After several "experiments" today, I managed to fully pull back my foreskin while I was in the bath earlier tonight (without any pain - just a slight disconfort which I put down to my penis being unfamiliar with it). What a a feeling - I nearly ejaculated just from the sensation of touching my naked head :-D. I would have too, but I noticed the foreskin was a little tight, so thought I better had stop, and try again another time. Had a little trouble getting the foreskin back over my head, but again thanks to this site, I managed it without any pain.

So basically, I just want to thank this site. :-D

Also before I go, I assume I just have to keep stretching, and with time, I'll be able to pull it back while outside the bath and with an erection (and be able to put it back over the head easily)?

One last question, will I ever be able to stretch it enough so it "glides" back and forth (as it does for other males?).

Thanks, great site, and hope more people find it


I'm sure if you keep exercising the foreskin it will soon 'glide' easily over the head of your penis. You will find that as it becomes looser it will retract by itself when you have an erection. Regards, John


Hello everyone.
I used to have a really tight foreskin and couldn't retract it at all.
When erect just the tip of my 'bell-end' showed.
It started to really annoy me when I soon realised all porn stars were not circumcised and it was me with the problem.
It was as if the frenulum (piece of skin attaching the head of the penis to your actual skin) was really tight.

I only noticed this problem when I was 16 and decided to do something about it by the time I was 17.

I really didn't want to go to the doctors about it, as I was way to embarrassed and thought the only solution was circumcision which I didn't want. But I'd, had enough of it and booked an appointment.

I popped to the doctors by myself, told him my problem and he refered me to the 'Urology' section at the hospital. With a description of my problem.

A few weeks later I popped down to see this Doctor at the hospital.
Was no problem at all. He took a look at my penis and said that circumcision wasn't needed.
It was an operation called 'Frenuloplasty'. This is basically where they cut that piece of skin so it allows the foreskin to retract without no pain whatsoever.
I found that the cause of the pain is because my 'Frenulum' was too tight.
So retracting my foreskin pulled it even tighter causing quite a bit of pain.

So I booked in for the appointment straight away for this small operation.
Had a little wait and then went to the hospital.
Got put to sleep. Woke up and was all done :-)
All done in about 30 minutes.
Had to hang around to recover from the anesthetic as I was a bit sleepy.
Then left the hospital.
All done within about 4 hours. Amazing
4 Hours for a massive change to your life.

I was then given some pain killers. But there was no pain.
There was 6 dissolvable stitches i think which all dissolved within 7-10 days.
And then after 3 weeks I was back in action. 6 weeks and fully healed.

My foreskin is still a bit tight because it needs to stretch. But this is because it's never been retracted before. Only before with pain.
But now, no pain at all.

I highly recommend this if anyone has the same problem.
And don't be embarresed at all.
I regret not going earlier. The doctors have dealt with this problem thousands of times. It's their job.

Reply to this if you have anymore questions.