Hi, my 26 month old daughter has just recently starting using verbal speech.

We had her evaluated by Early Intervention two months ago, as she wasn't saying more then 2-3 words; both teachers who came to the house for the EI eval said she tested very very high (4-5 years old!) and just needed encouragement (using Mommyese, etc), as she is a perfectionist and won't talk if she can't say EXACTLY what we're saying.

A month later, at a friend's daughter's bday party, my friend (who is a speech therapist) said pretty much the same thing. Use the Mommyese, the higher tones of voice, repetition, etc. Her vocabulary has greatly improved in the past two months! She will now identify many food items by name instead of pointing, say eat in addition to rubbing her belly (her way of saying she was hungry previously), say her colors, etc. SO PROUD OF HER!

OK, my question / concern: My sister in law is an elementary school teacher, and for months, she's been insisting that my daughter has selective mutism. She will give me the whole "you're just in denial" speech if I tell her no, the EI teachers AND my friend who is a speech therapist both said no, she doesn't.

By the way, my sister in law is one of those teachers who LOVES labels... LOVES THEM!

I don't want to do my daughter a diservice, if she has a problem, we want to help her through it, of course! But how to we know FOR SURE if she's just a perfectionist or has a problem?

Thank you so much!