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Hey there, my friend is only 14 years old and she is in the hospital with something but the doctors arent going fast enough to tell her what. Its horrible because shes scared, they told her she should be alone, and I'm still sick with a cold so I can't go see her.
Okay, so she's throwing up blood, and they have to pump air into her because she can't breathe, she says every now and then she has pain when she eats food, and she can't move at all. Everytime she's tried to walk, she falls over.
Her doctors think she might have cancer, but to me it seems nothing like the sorts, and she has been very stressed lately because of being in theater company with a psychotic director who is over 50 but still thinks he's 22, and being a freshman in high school with so much homework and testing. Could it be a reaction to it? Or is it really cancer or a virus?
Please help, she's scared and alone and I'm very worried about her.


You are right to be concerned for your friend.
What you describe sounds very scarey and serious.

However, there is no reason to assume t hat age 14 or so that she has cancer.
There are too many other conditions that this could be, and we can't diagnois her
over the internet. She's in the right place to be treated...and you must trust the doctors
to run the right tests, make the right exams and come to the right conclusions.

I would hazard a guess that there may be a link between the coughing up blood and the trouble eating or breathing, but it
is the doctors who will narrow down the possibilities and propose a treatment.

Certainly, she needs less stress and more rest. Even if you can't go see her, you can send her letters and personal notes to
encourage her and keep her up to date on what's going on in school and the play.

Good luck. Keep us informed, ok?