I have a male friend; 63 yrs; he is meticulous about his laundry...will only wash dishes in dishwasher with very hot water because of "germs" but the rest of his house is "not so clean"; he is meticulous about his lawn but again inside his house is NOT. His muscles in his thighs constantly twitch...he makes blubber noises with his lips all the time....makes a loud sighing noise often (like ohhh-ohhhhh or hmmmm-hmmmm) ....shakes his head strangely "jerky" when something is said or done that he doesn't really approve of. He says he has been doing these noises and twitching for as long as he can remember and he had some kind of liver issues when he was about 10 and in the hospital for quite a while....not sure if related or if he did this before the hospital......I want to get some information about this so I could bring it to him if this is indeed turrets syndrome.
Thank you very much for your HELP!!