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hello my name is jason. i am a 25 year old male. i have had back since i was in highschool..was diagnosed with gilberts disease(disease of liver) when i was 18. but as the years progressed the pain has gotten much worse. following a car accident 2 1/2 years ago in while i was not wearing seat belt and i was partually ejected from my car. this cause bad pain to get much worse. also during that time i was heaily into cocaine use while took care of all pain. i have not been useing for over a year now and have been in excrusiating pain. this past march i was raced to hospital by ambulance because of tachacardia heart rate was 224 and bp was 220/166. they never could find the underlying cause i was admitted for 3 days for observation. since that time the severe body pain(the best way i can describe it) began. it began with sever pain in back sholders neck. hurt so much that could not even touch it. then about 4 months ago the pain spread to my joints and the severe fatigue began. if i am on my feet or in anyposition for more than an hour i would feeling a buring sensation in my entire back. my joints would hurt alot and it would be worse when i got up in morning. the pain in my joints came on very sudden. i saw reddness one day at work on my knuckles the later that day turn to black and blue by the next morning my knucles were swallon and hurt alot to make a fist. my hand became very week. and as time went on i would have spasms in my arm were my left arm at one time would lock up and could not move it and it hurt alot. about 2 months ago pain got really bad so i went to my doctor and he sent me for all kinds of test. ana was negative lyme was negetive. aside for a few things being elevated they said all looks normal. then the dayafter christmas i was getting ready for work and i lost felling in my left leg and fell to the floor. then feeling came back abou 30 minutes later and it was very very paiful worst pain i have ever had. went to hospital and they game me naporsen and sent me home. the meds did nothing. 2 weeks later went back to defferent hospital was same leg pain this time right leg. during those 2 weeks i began to have numbness in different parts of my body. and at the same time i found a painful lump on the back of my lower right reg. which became bruised 1 week later. anyway when i was at hospital the second time the doctor put me on vicodin and medrol(steroids). that same night i felt great then as the dose pack of medrol got lower and lower the pain returned with a vengence. i am now seeing a rhuematologist but still no answers can anyone help me. i have also lost 20 lbs in the last 2 months and keeps dropping. im at my wits end with this. thank you and sorry for the long message needed to get the whole thing in there in hopes someone will understand whats wrong. thank you


I have experienced the same thing I think...
I had a lump on the back of my right leg wich later got bruised
but before I noticed it I had severe pain in my leg and it was really horrible later I fellt the lump and after a while I was told that it was
a injury in the muscel..

Anyway maybe you have hypertyreos it can make pain in the
body....have they really made all tests?????

But you really need too meet a doctor that listens and REALLY
check everything because often they miss a lot unfortunately I have experienced doctor´s that doesn´t listen and later it can bee too late when they doo.

Good luck and hope you´ll get well soon!!!!