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I'm 28, with one preschooler, & about 5'6. I was super skinny when I was little, until problems @ home and family dying, etc. I gained weight rapidly to obesity when I was about 10. I have struggled with my weight ever since, never getting smaller than a size 12. I am bigger now, however, than ever. The last time I weighed this much since I was 8 months pregnant. :-( I know that for me, 180 is actually a pretty healthy weight, I have hereditary dense bones & have always held my weight well. This past winter, I weighed about 235, which was bad enough. Then, just over the course of a couple months, I have jumped up to about 275.

I spent weeks working really hard to limit sugars, sodium, & was drinking tons of water & focusing more on healthy fruits & veggies (avoiding the sugary ones) & complex carbohydrates. Still, I did not lose a pound even though I noticed the changes in my metabolism needing the smaller meals more often, like was recommended. Even when I felt bloated, as though I looked bigger the other day, I have not gone over 275, but no matter how much more active I try to get, I still cannot seem to lose a SINGLE POUND!

I have been getting more heartburn, more headaches/migraines lately, have experienced pressure sensations & obvious strains after carrying heavy loads (over 50lbs up 3 flights of stairs) mainly in my lower back and pelvic region, and a few random times (no obvious reasons) have had a strange pain that feels almost like something scratching from the inside of my abdomen; it moves across my belly mid-upper area like around the bottom of my ribs/stomach.

Over the last year or so, I have had a lot of female issues w/ bleeding as well. (bleed for 3 months straight, stop for 3 weeks then bleed for 1mo & a half & stop for 6 weeks then bleed for 2 months straight, etc) which has often been accompanied by pains in my pelvic region (sometimes like directly from an ovary) usually normal to extremely heavy flow (rarely light for more than a day or two) & even some SCARY clots (the largest was bigger than a super-soaked super-plus! |-O I have noticed, that it is always worse with stress... (go figure).

I had wondered when I first started to gain the weight months ago if maybe I could actually be pregnant & the bleeding was just due to some other issues, but a test came back neg. I have pushed it out of my head til these odd pains started up again, & my mom had joked about how I could be pregnant, because of the fact that you can still bleed for various reasons while pregnant, but another HPT (home test) came back neg. I don't know if I should be worried that something has changed with my thyroid & hormones, or if maybe I am having some type of ectopic pregnancy, or if there is something else going on, but the weight is very depressing. I am getting more pressure right under the bottom of my rib cage, which is NOT comfortable at all, and I don't know what to do. I have been able to get up and actually run around with my kid at the park more lately. We have fun swimming or going for walks, yet still, it never seems to matter. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!!!! Thanks bunches!


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Hi Fereitica.

I think you should schedule an appointment with your doctor and get your hormones levels checked. If you've limited sugars, started eating healthy, drinking water etc..., you should go down at least a little in these past few weeks. Except if there is a hormone level problem; maybe sth in connection with diabetes or thyroid gland. I am sure blood/hormone test will reveal more. Maybe there is an issue with your ovaries - maybe a cyst or sth like that, since you have bleeding problems. I really think it is time to visit your doctor (and obgyn) to see what is really going on.
I don't think it's ectopic pregnancy - signs of an ectopic pregnancy typically occur 6 to 8 weeks after the last normal menstrual period, but if the ectopic pregnancy is not located in the Fallopian tube they may occur later ... Do you feel weakness, dizziness, do you feel like passing out upon standing?
Because of heavy and long bleeding I think you should go for an ultrasound and see with your obgyn what is going on. As soon as possible.

Regarding weight loss - I think you are on a good way. I really pay a lot of attention to good nutrition, and it seems like you have the whole picture here... Water is great - great for metabolism and digestion, great for skin, concentration etc...  I drink only water - about 2 l daily. I also drink coffee, wit one spoon sugar, but besides that - no juices, no other beverages, except a glass of wine or beer now and then...

Regarding eating habits - I assume you cook at home - this is then best way to have a control of what and how much you're eating. Grilled meat, steamed or grilled veggies should be on your daily menu.  No deep fry. Try to limit bread and potatoes and eat veggies, sometimes boiled rice as a side dish. Perhaps it will take a little time to adjust to that kind of nutrition, but it will bring results. If you are a fan of spaghetti and Italian cousine - it is just as fine, just use whole grain pastry instead of white.

What and how much do you typically eat in one day?

I think you are on a good way, really, and I think to have to stay there - the results will come. From my perspective your healthy weight should be max 170 lbs, which means you should lose about 100 lbs. It will take some time, this cannot happen in a few months. I think about 2 - 2,5 years, and you're going to be on your goal.

Another very important element is exercise. For start it is enough if you go fast walking for 30 minutes every or every other day. For a beginning this should do a trick.

But really, schedule an appointment and see a doctor. I think this is really important especially because of heavy bleeding you've experienced lately!
I hope I helped a little - if you have any kind of question about nutrition or exercising, please let me know. I would be glad to help!!



I have been told that potatoes can actually be really good for a carbohydrate, because it is complex, so it is still full of nutrients & takes more for your body to breakdown, which is good because it gives you lasting energy... I have been on typical diets before, but the only way I ever really lost weight was simply by not eating much at all. It didn't even matter WHAT I ate... If I had home cooked food for a couple days, fine. If I had to go a few days with nothing but convenience store snacks or such, cool. If I was active, I still lost major weight that way, & stayed healthy.
As for the other stuff, I don't have any kind of doctor or OBGYN. I have no health insurance. I have been looking around at local clinics, however. Thanks.


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Potatoes have too many sugar and also have high glycemic index, so they are better to avoid. I am not saying never eat them, but I think you shouldn't inlcude them in a daily diet. Potatoes are technically a complex carb, but act more like simple carbs in the body...
Examples of complex carbs:
whole grains,
fruits and vegetables,
Plus it's better go with brown rice vs. white, brown spaghetti vs. while etc..
The most important simple carbohydrates to limit in your diet include:
  • soda
  • Candy
  • Artificial syrups
  • Sugar
  • White rice, white bread, and white pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Pastries and desserts