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Help I am 13 and weigh arounf 170lbs I really NEED to loose weight I have tryed everything!!! If you have any advice or insperation please tell thanks :!: :!: :!:


The good news're young....which means your metabolism is still working quickly (i.e. will burn more calories than someone who is older). Anyway... this is the way I lost weight in about three weeks...and the best part? It's a healthy way to lose weight!!!

First of all....start checking out serving sizes. For example, most cereal servings are 3/4 cup with 1/2 cup of milk..... most people eat double or triple of that...... use the correct serving will make a huge difference. When you go out to eat.... start with a salad with a vinaigrette dressing or lowfat variety. With an entree, eat only have of what is on your plate and get the rest doggie-bagged.

Second... work out regularly.... I was working out everyday anywhere from 40 mins- 2 hours. My workout consisted of 20-40 mins of cardio (running, elipitcal, stairmaster, etc) and the rest weightlifting. Don't let weight lifting scare you either! It actually burns more calories than cardio. Also it helps build muscle that burns more calories than fat. And unless you're taking steriods or other lifting supplements, you will not get huge muscles.... you'll be lean and toned.

As far as snacks go...snack smartly. I have a huge sweet tooth so I had some trouble but here is what helped me.
Keep junk food out of the house. This includes sodas. Drink lots of water.
Ben and Jerry's now makes ice cream in tiny individual tubs that are less than 180 calories. Buy those one at a time so you're not tempted to eat 5 tiny tubs....but believe me...those little things hit the spot.
100 calorie packs are good options on the go. Again....limit them to one pack a day. The little 3pack cupcake calorie packs are delish.
Eat fruits and veggies!!! Watermelon, fuji apples, blueberries, etc..... They also pack a lot of fiber which helps you feel full!

After a while, you stop craving junk food...and actually WANT to eat healthy. The pounds dropped off so easily. I looked forward to working out and it made me feel so much better (after 2 weeks of steady working out, you become a little addicted to it...which I think is a good thing).

Once you get to the weight you want, maintain it by continuing to work out 3-5 times a week and keeping your food options healthy.

Good luck!


Hello Guest,
For losing the weight and burn your calories iwould like to suggest you. Take light diet, work hard,and done some excersices in your routine. This is the most popular idea for losing the weight and burn calories from your body.


ok guys come on, this person is 13. They are NOT doing the grocery shopping in the household and probably won't be calorie counting or lifting weights. probably has no gymn pass or york machines in their basement....
Heres my take,Speed WALK to and from school, DO NOT turn on the TVor computer or wii or playstation. GO outside and play with your friends, bike ride around your block as many times as you can, test yourself can be fun. Walk yus or a neibours dog, or push a baby in the stroller 5x around the block. Join a sport if you can, swimming, or taekwondo, soccer whatever YOU like. and know that because your JUST begining that sport, YOU will probably suck, laugh about it, keep trying and YOU won't suck for long, if kids make fun of you, either laugh with them or ignore them, YOU WILL get better. Have an apple instead of chips, one fruit if possible a day. Not too many. Skip out on fast or fried food. save mcdonalds for a once a month thing, tops 2x.
at dinner ask that you don't have potatoes, rice or pasta, unless it can fit in the palm of your hands (proper serving and only do this 2x a week)
eat only whole wheat bread. Don't butter it, use peanut butter or cream cheese. even whole wheat, Try to only eat 2 slices a day. anything made with flours, like crackers etc, are starch which =sugar in your blood. limit yourself to around 10 crackers a day at most. again NO CHIPS an candy, ok maybe on saturday have a small treat, you are 13

don't drink juice or pop. Drink water, and if your dying for that cocacola have a coke zero, and only tops one every 2 days.
If you feel like tit there are alot of aerobics shows on tv, if your gonna turn on the tv watch that and do it with them. And oh yeah in case you have wii ask that your next gift be wii fit, it has a personal trainer and everything. very motivating.
most importantly love yourself, and smile.
good luck and god bless