I don't know if you are still reviewing comments or questions but I am hopeful someone will review this. I had my Gallbladder removed in 1991. I have never experienced that pain again until recently. In the last year I have had four surgeries the most recent this past week, a neck dissection for thyroid cancer. While in post op ICU I began to experience severe pain that started in my chest and began to wrap around my chest and back. It hurt to breathe (identical pain as my gallbladder attacks). I was still under sedation meds and pain meds had been given via IV. When I tried to explain the pain I was experiencing. Doctors said the heart monitors were fine it was probably anxiety. They administered anxiety meds via IV. The pain came back but they were not concerned again due to no sign of cardiac issues. They sent me home the same day with a script for Percocet. I took the medication as prescribed. I continued to have these attacks throughout the next two days. I was in contact with the Dr but again they were not concerned. As I became more clear headed I realized the attacks seed to be taking place 1-2 hrs after I took the Percocet. I stopped the Percocet and the attacks have stopped. Although my chest and upper abdomen still feel tender. I have had a severe headache (migraine) since the day after my surgery. I have tried Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen (not at the same time) for the headache. The doctors don't believe it's related to my surgery. With my gallbladder already removed can my bile duct be reacting to the Percoset, anesthesia, or anxiety meds or all of them. I also wonder if this headache might be related as well. If so how can I get rid of it. I am in need of mastectomy (BRCA2positive) and I'm scared this pain will appear again after surgery. Should I see a specialist if so what type? What alternative meds can be used?