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Hi, I’ve been suffering from gallbladder and gallbladder related problems for last 3 years. Even after I had my gallbladder taken out, I was horribly disappointed when I started to experience again what felt just like gallbladder attack pain. My GI doctor at the time thought the pain was caused by obstructed bile ducts and I was prescribed Percocet for use as needed and I did get an explanation that opioids will cause me to get constipated. I know that doctors are afraid of potential abuse of these medications, but my gallbladder is gone and I have to control my diet and oscillate between loose stools and constipation. After my latest checkup with the new GI doctor, he told me I should stop taking Percocet as soon as possible, and he prescribed me naproxen to fight the pain. Do I have the right to ask for meds that have been working for me all this time?


I believe doctors are monitored for their prescribing narcotics so I imagine they only do it when necessary, usually when a patient is terminal.  I understand the pain about post-gallbladder surgery.  I kept having pains off and on over the years from it, not fully realizing it had anything to do with the gallbladder (or absence of it).  I manage my pain with Ibuprofen.  You may be having problems with giving up Percocet since you had been on it for a time. You can ask for the narcotic but since medications like that are heavily regulated, I am uncertain that you will get it.  Try the over the counter pain meds.  Hopefully, one will work out for you when you have an attack.