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Had my gallbladder removed in feb this year. For the past few month I've been have stomach issues. Excessive diarrhea (more than 8 X's a day) , and recently I've been excessively bleching. Both have become very annoying and embarrassing. Anyone have the same issues or advice? I need help



it turns out that it's very common for people who undergo gallbladder removal surgery to experience frequent loose stools and diarrhea – and it seems that majority of GI surgeons doesn’t emphasize that this problem might happen after the procedure. My dad had it last for two months after the procedure, no matter what he ate. His GI doctor just prescribed Imodium A-D which did help somewhat, but he still eats only smaller meals fearing it might start over again. From what I found out by researching, as far as the doctors know, they think it’s excess bile irritating the intestines that’s causing the problems with diarrhea, but there’s no definite answer. If you haven’t talked to your doctor about this, than you definitely should – the diarrhea is lasting too long after the surgery and you need some relief

Wish you all the best,