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I just went threw Gallbladder surgery less than a week ago, and I noticed yesterday that my eyes were completely different. They appeared sunken in, whick they never appeared that way before. This has me worried and would welcome any advice about this situation. Is this permanent or will it go away with time. It seems ever since this surgery, I have aged almost 10 years and i am only 31yrs old.


Hello there

First of all you went through very complicated surgery and you need to give yourself time to recover. Maybe your body just needs more time to recover and symptom of sunken eyes is just consequence of the surgery and after some time will go away.

It is normal that you think that you look older because you are exhausted but you are getting better every day and you just need to follow the recovery procedure that your doctor recommended.

Do you experience any other symptoms or everything else is just fine? Are you eating and sleeping enough? And try to drink more water because this is beneficial in several ways. Keep us posted about your condition and get better soon.