I wanted to know if there was any new advice etc on how things are after this procedure.

I had my gall bladder removed 3 years ago and my tolerance to food has almost became unbearable. This wasnt immediate its got progressively worse and at the minute im so lethargic and keep losing weight. The past year has been really bad. Naturally i know its food i cannot by any means go to a restaurant for a meal which was something we used to do as a family. I cannot eat outside my own home because i dont feel safe without the privacy of my own bathroom. Its ridiculous. I noticed recently certain meals i have are fine, cereals, pasta and wholegrain bread which i love anyway have been okay, i was actually suprised at pasta but it seems to energise me slightly so i guess i need to keep looking. I have decided to keep a diary on what i eat and the effects. Fast food is definately no more or anything fried for that matter. I must admit im angry that the after effects of this 'dont seem to exist' because we are not told of anything to be aware of, or even dietary advice i had absolutely no idea. My own experience was sudden i doubled over at home the pain scared the life out of me. After i was admitted i think 2 days later the whites of my eyes were yellow i felt extremely ill. I didnt use the bathroom for 4 days and when i did it was bright yellow. Of course i freaked out but the doctor just said i had passed a stone, and the blockage had basically caused jaundice and poisoned me. That was all i was told. My liver enzymes were around 1300 at this time and i was scared because they said it should have been only a few hundred. Only after all this they told me i need my gall bladder removed.

The pain in my right shoulder after the operation he told me it was caused by smoking?? That scared me also but i later found out myself it was due to a 'gas' if you like that was used during the operation and can leave small amounts that go away over time.

All this and what happens after? The doctors really need to tell us more about this iv only found out through feeling awful that i have to change my diet for the rest of my life, and find a way to be able to go out with my family again to a restaurant or even eat a sandwich without worrying if there is a bathroom. I was sent home with a tub with around 14 or so stones in it. Iv since burned them. There should be after care by way of advice its wrong that people have to wonder what the heck is wrong and suffer on thier own. I didnt have a clue that my op did all this. Any useful advice about diet or anything would be helpful naturally i will speak to my doctor and see how it goes. Maybe i have a busy life i just thought i had grown an intolerance to something but now i know the cause.