I had my gall bladder removed in Feb 10 after 2 months of severe abdo pain and unable to eat almost anything. Great for the weight loss but pain was awful. After the op I thought everything was going to be great. I did feel really well and was happy with the weight loss - it didn't last. 2 months on I am piling on the weight - about 2lbs a week and yet I have constant diarrhoea 30-45 mins after eating. I have always had a healthy life style of sensible eating and excersize. I am 5'4" and weigh about 64kg (10st 2lb) - I have put on nearly a stone since my op!!!! I have read lots of blogs but would love a basic answer as to what I need to eat to avoid this weight gain and diarrhoea. And where can I get bile salts in the UK? No one seems to know.