I'm getting my 3 impacted wisdom teeth out soon. The oral surgeon I have a consultation appointment with says that they use "general anesthesia". I've never had any kind of surgery or IV and I'm uneasy about all of that stuff. I've looked into other doctors that say they use pills to sedate their patients and that sounds pretty good to me but those doctors cannot get me in soon enough. I'm trying to get this over with as soon as possible. Wikipedia refers to general anesthesia as a "medically induced coma" with pupil dilation and paralysis. This is not okay with me. The loss of control over my body and having someone manually decrease my heart rate terrifies me...it's unnatural and reminds me of something like lethal injection. I don't like the thought of paralyzing fluid running through my veins and being unconscious with someone having to monitor me to make sure I'm still alive and breathing. I don't prefer a catheter in my vein anyway. So what do oral surgeons mean when they say that they use general anesthesia? What are other options? Also, would two weeks of recovery be adequate? I have an all day concert/dance that I'm going to and I need to be back to my functioning self for that. Thanks!