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As I read so far, there are two types of surgeries that can remove nasal polyps. Can I please know whether it is possible to use local anesthesia when endoscopic sinus surgery type is being used to remove nasal polyps? Also I would like to know in which situations it is not possible to use local anesthesia to remove nasal polyps?

Thank you


Dear dia88:  I have the same question as I have major problems with being knocked out.  Have you found a surgeon who would do this awake?  If you have, could he or she refer me to someone in the Rochester, NY area who would remove them with a local.  Please, please, let me know.  I'm desperate - These things keep coming back and I don't want to risk my life over and over again being knocked out.  I'm 60 yrs. old, 5'8" and only 97 lbs.  I've almost been killed twice now by being totally knocked out.  Besides, I'm allergic to pretty much everything.  Please contact me if you have any help for me.  In advance, thank anyone so much for helping me - I look like a greak show with these things continually hanging out of my nose.  I've even thought of yanking them myself because I'm tired of hiding in the house all the time.  I scare little kids it's so ugly.  I used to be really pretty until these things screwed up my little nose!!!

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