Hi, i'm 18..about to go in for my tonsil evaluation and I already know they're gonna be removed..due to my PCP supplying me with constant antibiotics that don't work and informing me that I have chronic pus pockets deep inside my tonsils which are constantly swollen, they're so enlarged I've had chronic breathing problems ever since I can remember. Due to a new amazing job, I have benefits..so..health insurance finally! woo! Can someone give me details on what to expect? I'm about to have my tonsils removed..just a curious mind..will they put a catheter in me? Is this usually just an out patient procedure? I feel so dumb...because I work in the medical field. But working for heart surgeons is definitely a few miles away from ENTs..haha. I know these same questions get asked 24/7..and I'm not scared of the procedure what-so-ever..I see what patients with cardiac problems go through..a sore throat and some scabs and bleeding definitely doesn't scare me at all. I just want some more informative details to know what to expect. Thanks so much!