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My 6 yr old dtr has suffered from two blistering staph infections in her genital area and recurrent uti's in the last year. The ped wants her to undergo some mildly invasive kidney tests due to the uti's but I'm wondering first if these might be related and if so, what might be causing them. Should I take her to an infectious disease dr first? I want to make sure there is sufficient reason to warrant having her catheterized and the dr does not seem to be viewing these symptoms as possibly related.


Maybe your doctor has right and you should listen to him. UTI sometimes can cause severe consequences regarding kidneys so it is best to check and do every test your doctor thinks are necessary. If you don’t believe him that much than maybe you should seek second opinion. If this is going to calm you down than it is worth. Remember that your child is sensing everything that you are going through and there is no need to make her more nervous than she already has.

 Regarding the connection between UTI and staph infection I think that to that question only doctor can answer.  Staphylococcus is a bacterium which can cause illnesses ranging from minor skin infections and abscesses to life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia and meningitis. Anything you decide check twice. After all it is your child’s health in question. Good luck.