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I am 18 years old and have been having Urine Infections since I was as young as 11.Over the years I have found ways to deal with them, but every year they increase.

I have them atleast once a month now.

I have seen doctors and been to hospitals but there is nothing showing in my system.

I have had ultrasounds on my kindeys and renal area, the results were normal.

I have had urine samples taken, one sample came with alot of blood present in my urine, others came back normal.

Everything has come back normal.

But then why do they keep coming?

I have tried cranberry juice, it doesnt help anymore than drinking water does, I use hot water bottles and keep my medicine cabnet stocked with pain killers and URAL.

I have recently started taking Ethnical Nutrients, Urinary Tract infection pills, it is a dietry suppliment which means I have to take them everyday.

Only problem is, this bottle of pills is costing me 45 dollars a pop, on a minimum wage and living alone I cannot really afford to medicate myself every month, and doctors will not subsricbe them to me!

Its driving me up the wall!.


I was wondering, if my urine infections could infact be linked to my menstural cycle.

I have had my period since I was 11 and around the same time i started getting these infections.


If anyone has ever known that they can be linked, please let me know! It would save me making a doctors appointment for no reason! My doctor is a jack ass and makes me feel like I am dumb because I do not know what is going on with my body.


xx Maddy.


I don't think that your period is causing you to have UTI. What causes UTI is:soda's, colored panties, tight pants, and certain medicines. Take my advice, leave the UTI pills ALONE, because it's making it worse on you. If your results came back normal, then be glad of it, because it could've been worse. Alot of cranberry juice and water is the best source to use.



Hi chick, So sorry to hear you are suffering this problem every month now. You are taking quite a lot of mediatcion help to ease this problem. But if ever there is a solution it will mostly be, getting back to basics. Keep a diary of everything you eat, drink and what tight garments you are wearing at the time. If you are currently taking tablets then put that in your diary too. Record everything. Then after a couple of months, look back into your diary and start doing different what you have not tried. For instance as Sscanady80 replied, stop wearing tight garments. Stop drinking fizzy stuff, cut out the cranberry too. Drink, luke warm water if cold water is not helping, Take vit c, take showers instead of baths, wipe front to back and cleanse below before and after sexual intercourse. Purchase a UTI kit, which when used first thing in the morn will change colour if NITRITE is present in your urine. Talk to your DR, if they can prescribe TMP/SMZ or NITROFURANTION taking a low single dose of antibiotic after intercourse.Plus get your partner checked over, incase he has a infection of some sort and keeps transferring it back to you...who knows, it's simple and basic stuff you should go back to and trace where you might be going wrong. Lastly, chick dont give up, health is everything, so keep your chin up and keep trying to find the cause. I will definately state to you, dont eat oranges or drink fizzy stuff including orange fizz. Just take the vit c tab. I know that kills me when im on period, just give it a try as it can effect people in different ways, wether UTI or Period pains. Diary is good, you will see what you are eating and when you have your infection( what might have brought it on) and might see a pattern in this. OH..OH..lastly don't use harsh perfumed soaps, buy a quality femine wash for down below, and just keep the area dry and clean wearing cotton panties, breathable material, see how you get on.



By the way I am Sammy41 to the above reply as i forgot to sign in. All the best chick.


UTI can be caused by many factors. Infection is a main reason. This disease can recur easily. You'd better take the medicine that can eradicate this disease. Herbal medicine can be a good choice. Though it may work slowly, it can eradicate this disease and doesn't have any side effects. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a herbal medicine for UTI. You can google this pill to get more information. I hope it can help you.