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? i am only 15 and i have recently went to the doctor for pain in my lower stomach i went to the doctor and the said that i hada lower UTI the they called a week later and said that i had staph in my urine how do you get staph in your urine?



Staph infection can be very problematic but in most cases the symptoms are shown in your throat. Staph is a  type of bacteria that can cause many infection among which are infections in the urinary system. Now when you have urinary inflammation or the minor UTI the most common part of the urinary system that gets infected is bladder. The infection from the skin and nose can easily spread to your urinary system. My suggestion would be to take some antibiotics or to get a prescription from your doctor. Sometimes your immune system is strong enough to get rid of this infection on its own but its better if you have an accurate treatment method.