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I have late stage extensive small cell lung cancer and it seems that there are no chemotherapy or radiation or any conventional options left for me - my oncologist already told me that I could go for several more rounds of chemo, but that there’s no guarantee they will make any difference at all.

That’s why I’ve been looking to alternative cancer treatment options and came across treatment called German new medicine and even though I’m not really convinced that theories behind like that my cancer is caused by some traumatic event in my life, is it worth to try it as a last possible option, because I don’t have much others left anyway?


Hello Jon,

if German new medicine cancer therapy was free and wasn't more or less focused on resolving that conflict they assume was the cause for your cancer, there be no reason not to try it.

However, it does cost money and their treatment is very questionable because just from reading the descriptions on their website I can't see any difference between them and the benefits you'd have from participating in any cancer-specific support group or personal counseling which would probably cost you less, if anything. At least you'll get a counseling by an expert in the area.