Back in November (ish), I noticed on one of my bottom teeth that there was a yellowish-brownish discolored area extending probably at least half a centimeter up the tooth from the gum line. I had some sensitivity issues, but it was nothing major, as it came and went infrequently. I went to the dentist at the end of January and everything was clean - no cavities, nothing. Nrither the hygenist or the dentist mentioned that staining.

However, I've started to wonder if the discoloration I'm seeing is not just simple staining. The same discolorations have popped up on some of my other bottom teeth at the gum line, though they are not as big as the one. My gums are fine between the teeth but around the teeth themselves they look a little uneven. Could it be that my gums are receding and the discolorations I'm seeing are in fact tooth roots becoming exposed? Or am I just imagining things? We have well water which does stain my teeth pretty badly because of the iron content.