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Hi, I am about 35ish and my skin has gone to He%$, it looks terrible & I really dont want to cover it up with gobs of make up. I am considering a glycolic peel or anything that will help my skin to look better. I am seeking any advice on at home glycolic peels or any remedy for skin that is blotchy, dry, a few pimples here & there, and HUGE pores! Help please! :cry:


Hi Jenna! I bought some off of Ebay - as I have a cancer syndrom and have scars ALL over my face! So the set I received was 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60% Glycol Acid!! So I brushed it on - followed the instructions - I too have big pores on my nose and my skin is HORRIBLE! So at first it hurts like a dickens = I went up in strength every other week (just so I didn't do too much) - I ended up putting 40% my nose this was an eye crosser let me tell you! SO I left it on as long as I could handle, then I washed it off! So immediately my nose felt like a bad sunburn, the next day it got redder and redder, then about the 2nd/3rd day my skin started peeling off! What I will advise you to do is NOT pull the skin off - there are areas that are still connected and then they start bleeding so it gets worse! Just keep it moisturized! Mine was yucky for about 4 or 5 days - so best done when you are off work! My pores are SIGNIFICANTLY reduced, also I used it around the corners of my eyes - the 10/20\% This has really helped my crows feet BUT be careful the brush gets NO where near your eyes!

Just read the instructions and just be careful OK? Good luck and healthy skin!