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Hello everyone,

I have a few questions for you experts out there. I am a new runner and am looking for a running program. I found the couch to 5k running program but it but it does not seem to fit. Here is a little background for you.

24 male
5'8 / 147lbs
Recently lost 45 lbs over last year
Started cycling 6 months ago
Cycle Sundays 60-75 miles / spin class 3x week
Completed 2 100 century rides over the 6 months

My goal was to do the 5k OC Marathon, but did not know if a month was enough time to train for a 5k run. I met up with a local running group on Saturday and was able to run 5.5 in a breeze. The running coach even said "well, I guess you surpassed your goal on your first run."

I know I should not go out and run 5 miles a day as I need to build my base. What do you guys think would be a good running program for this beginning runner?

Sorry this was so long. Thanks in advance!


I would suggest just keeping it simple. Maybe run 4 days a week for starters unless you're really motivated and want to do 6. I would suggest at least one rest day a week though.

You could do something like say:

Mon: 2-3 miles easy
Tue: rest
Wed: fast paced 1 mile
Thurs: rest
Fri: 2 miles easy
Sat: 4-5 mile long run
Sun: rest

Of course you can switch the days around any way you would like. I'd just say start small and don't increase your miles by more than 10-15% weekly.

Good luck,


It depends on the time you want. Most people can finish a 5k, but it's time that separates people. So, I'm guessing you want somewhere in the early-late 20's? If you can run 5.5 miles easily, it shouldn't be hard to accomplish, and a month is long enough.