Hello, I am new to this site and i think it is very helpful.
I'll give a quick Introduction.
My name is Corey, Im 16 years old.
Im joining the Army, The Day I turn 17.
I also need some help.
I took the Asvab and i'm already to join i just have to wait to the B-day.
I scored well enough to get the option 40 contract which is for the Airborne Ranger. Thats what I want to be.
I need to run 5 miles in i think 40 minutes for this position.
This is my Long...Long Term Goal.
Before this i have to Run 2 miles in 14 minutes.
But even before that i Have to run a mile in 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
This is quite embarrassing but i cannot run a mile straight.
To be honest...The last mile i ran i clocked in at....11min 1 sec.
I had to walk at some points obviously looking at my time.
Even more embarrassing I have trouble running a 1/4 mile.
This summer I'm going to run everyday from 8am to 11 am.
unless I hear this is not a good idea.
Other sites i read say " If you want to run a mile quicker go head and start running 2 miles"
I'm sure this works but obviously it isnt for me.
I was thinking about doing interval training like the Couch To 5k Program
But im not sure if this works and I would like to hear this communities answer for what i should do.
Sorry About the length i tried to cover all bases.
If i missed some important details let me know and ill answer.
Thank you all in advanced.