Long Story Short

I have Graves Disease and will recived the radio acitve iodine in the near future. Everything I have read states I am going to blow up! My doctor on the other hand says I probably will not gain more than 10lbs. I am so terrified of becoming obese. Terrified. So much so that if I have to gain all that weight I rather just suffer with the hyperthyroidism.

Somebody please tell me that I will be able to control my weight if I eat rigth and exercise. Please tell me soon before I have the therapy. I am 54 years old, single but still hopeful. I am already fighting the results of aging as it realtes to my hair and my skin. I don't think I can handle total lack of control of how much weight I gain or lose.

Please tell me that I WILL be able to control my weight. And, if not, please explain to me the science behind the not.