I am 65 years old, and just had green light laser surgery for my prosate 9 days ago. I was using and still was up 7-8 times a month at night. During the day I had to plan my outings by where I could pee and in the end had to carry a pee bucket in the car for emergency times when I could not make it to a toilet. After the surgery my flow was amazing. I actually have to watch out because it is like a fire hose. However, I am noticing that I am peeing a bit more often than I thought I would so that is a concern. Secondly, I have read some posts that say HOLEP is better than Green light laser because the improvement supposedly is greater and lasts longer. In other posts I have read that people have to have a second procedure and have had HOLEP after Green light. When i read this I feel very nervous that I didn't do enough research on the right procudure for me. Is there anyone who has had green light and then HOLEP, what was your experience? Also, just wondering if it is prostate regrowth that causes the green light not to last?