I had the green light laser TURP yesterday (Mar 31, 2010). Out patient surgery...in by 5am out by noon. Went home with a cathetor for overnight. Had some nasuea on he way home and after arriving home probably due to eating too soon after surgery. Threw up what I had eaten and felt much better. Ate a little chicken breast and mashed potatoes that night. Had blood in urine during the cathetor usage over night. Took out the cathetor this morning...not as bad as I anticipated it would be. No pain so far. Have urinated nine times from 1:40 pm until now (8:46pm) between 3 and 7 oz each time for a total of 45-46 oz with decreasing blood color., and mild irritation when going. Not clear but a weak pink lemonade color. Have consumed about 86 oz of water since this morning. Appetite and food consumption back to normal. Attempted a bowel movement twice with no luck. Hopefully this is just a side effect of the anesthesia and anti-biotics.

I have read all the posts and hope I have made the right decision. Am concerned about post op sex life. I am healthy 62 years old, jog about 25 miles a week and do weight traing three days a week. Do not want to fore go a healthy, normal sex life. I tried to find a doctor that had a lot of experience with this prodedure and I believe I did. I appreciate all advice and tips on what to do and not do after surgery.