The posts of problems and questions are very useful, but there is a danger that a reader contemplating undergoing surgery will see only the problems and conclude that the risk is higher than it is. Hence, I offer my own experience.

For several years I had the typical symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Like most others, I suspect, I tried saw palmetto, which seemed to do no good at all. Then I tried a prescription drug, which did very little good, and finally I began to see the need for surgery. My doctor recommended photoselective vaporization of the prostate. I'm not sure, but I think it might be the same or similar to what is being called green light laser surgery in this discussion.

There was a pre-op examination with some kind of scope. It was a bit painful, but nothing a grown man can't handle and it lasted only couple of minutes. The laser operation was done using general anesthesia. I awoke with a catheter and a urine bag and I was sent home. The catheter was irritating, but I was issued pain pills, so I was able to rest comfortably and even do some desk work. I only took the pain pills the first day and needed only one the second day. The urine bag had to be emptied once.

I was instructed to remove the catheter the next morning. I was not looking forward to doing this, and it was no fun, but it was not very difficult to remove, and it was a great relief to be free of it. I thought the first urination might be difficult, but the difficulty was very minor, mainly a bit of irritation.

I was given some pills that helped to reduce the irritation caused by the catheter and the surgery. The pills also colored the urine a dark orange, which made it difficult to gauge the amount of bleeding. There must have been some significant bleeding, as the colored lightened up a bit by the third day, even though I was still taking the pills. After finishing the orange pills, I continued to see some blood in the urine. At times the blood would look like dark particles accompanied by a few small clots. The clots have so far appeared only once. It has now been just over two weeks and the bleeding is almost gone.

I was warned about the bleeding. I have not felt the need to call my doctor about this or other problems. My urination is better than before the operation. I still get up a couple of times at night when I would prefer not to, but I am sleeping better and longer and I urinate more easily. I am hoping the post op exam will show that the bladder is emptying more completely. I do light yard work in comfort. At this point, I would say it was worth it, and I hope for better as healing proceeds.