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I am a RN and I work in the operating room. I work often in urology surgery and I have done numerous cases with the Green Light Laser for TURP. We use the newer system, which is more powerful, but the older system is good too. Overall, most guys have a good result from the procedure, but healing does take time. Here is my advice for any man who suffers from BPH and is considering the procedure:

1. Make sure your urologist has been properly trained on how to use the GLL and performs the procedure on a routine basis. Experience is important! Don't be afraid to ask questions!
2. Ask your urologist if the hospital where the procedure will be performed has the most up-to-date GLL unit. (This is not a major concern, but you may want to know.)
3. Follow the post-op instructions from your urologist! This cannot be overstated! Many men resume activities (including sex) too early, which can cause delayed healing.
4. Bleeding and discomfort is to be expected for several days and up to a couple of weeks. However, if you have any concerns, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT YOUR UROLOGIST. The MD works for you!
5. Make sure you ask questions and that you FULLY understand all of the risks involved. TURP using Green Light Laser is a surgical procedure and there are always risks involved in any surgery.
5. If your urologist is pushy, arrogant, doesn't fully answer your questions, or doesn't call you back (within a reasonable amount of time), then FIND A NEW UROLOGIST! Patient need to understand that a MD works for you! You pay his or her salary. Like anything else, shop around and find the best service for your money. Healthcare is a service driven industry, so make sure your MD serves you and provides quality care!

Hope this helps!


I had GLL with 180watt machine on 6-19-12 with totally experienced urologist. My prostate was 169 grams so powerful GLL was essential. Stayed overnight in hospital. Blood in urine catheter bag gradually returning to normal with occassional clots. Catheter to be removed 6-25-12. I FEEL CONFIDENT I WILL BE ABLE TO STOP AND PEE OR PEE AND STOP. At 76 this could be a wonderful result! I want to echo the RN's advice. It is exactly right.