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What is the difference between HoLAP, HoLep, and Green light Laser Surgery. I've had a TURP and need a re-do after 4.5 years.


Difference between the various laser surgeries is the color (frequency) of the laser light which translates into how deep they cut in one pass.

I had Greenlight and it has turned out to be a disaster.  The Greenlight promo brochure states 30% of patients will experience retrograde ejaculation for up to three months post-op but that usually goes away.  Various other web sites about the procedure have that same info. I'm five weeks post op, am experiencing the retro thing accompanied by significant pain in the final parts of the retro ejaculation, and today the surgeon told me that the way he does the procedure the retro thing is 100% guaranteed and worse yet it will be permanent.  Direct quote: permanent retro ejaculation is the price you paid to have a better stream.Don't know why he does it this way but he didn't make it clear before the procedure.  Had he done so I would have found a different surgeon.  I'm only 57 and my sex life is now over thanks to this procedure.