Greetings, had greenlight procedure on prostate 5 weeks ago, also have stage 1cancer with gleason score 3 3, laser surgery has been brutal, both my surgeon and pcp said 2 months of recovery, maybe a little more, they didnt make a big deal about so i didnt ask questions assuming it was going to be a piece of cake! Boy was i wrong, first of all, went home right after procedure with catheter and bag full of blood! And every time i peed excruciating pain! This lasted 2 days, until cath was removed, but noooo, pain was adjusting to really lemme have it! At least 2 mor weeks of blood clots, mor blood as i peed and frequency so severe that before i left wash room i was turning around to pee again, after 3 weeks blood seemed to clear up, and altho painful, it was finally tolerable. At the 4th week something happened the next day. Woke up with minimal pain no more frequency with peeing! Yay! I thought, saw my surgeons physian assitant with all the glee and happiness as a teenager kissing his first girfriend. 30 long years ive had enlarged prostate. I had forgotten how cool it was to pee like a normal person, left office thinking this was it! Finally quality of life. Drinking water like a human being and sipping like sum iguana for fear of peeing on myself, i could drink sum beers like anyone else w/o running to toilet every 10 mins, it was like WOW DUDE IM NORMAL! BUT AND A BIG BUT, FOR SUM REASON UN KNOWN TO ME AND DOCTORS, it was all a tease, cuz the symptoms are back like day 1! Very depressing to say the least. Fortunately for me i have a great, no, awesome wife who encourages me and is such a positive influence that i believe bc of her my symptoms are getting much better, so much so we had relations for first time in 2 months, unfortunately might not have been a good idea, it was extremely painful and when we finished blood all over the place??? After the sex very bloody urine with clots or scabs not quite sure what they are. Im peeing every 10 to 15 mins again, with pain in back and front of penis. My surgeon is very skilled but somewhat of a redass, dt want to be scolded or spoken to rudely. Which is why ive not discussed this with him, i dont want to be thought of as sum high maintenance patient. So i figure God gave me a few days of normalcy, so i know what to expect. Like i said its been over 30 years of prostatic problems im 62 guess a few more months isnt all that bad. If any one out there had similar experience and is now recovered, would love to hear ur story, gratefully, the wetshaver from chi-town