We all know or at least we should know about the importance of flossing. Although a cumbersome work, it actually protects our teeth and gums from accumulating plague which further leads to problems like bleeding gums, receding gums, bad breath and bad teeth.

British Dental Health Foundation conducted a survey in which they questioned people’s flossing habits and came to some shocking conclusions and information.

The survey revealed that over 60% of the population use items other than floss to clean off the food that got stuck between their teeth. It is amazing what ideas people would come to. The most used items reported were screwdrivers, scissors, earrings, needles and knives. It seems that the people who use such objects to clean their teeth are not aware of the possible damage that could be made with such behaviour. These items are not flexible as floss is and they could be hurting and damaging their teeth rather than protecting them.

Maybe even more disturbing fact is that 23 % of the people questioned didn’t use anything to floss their teeth and left all the food stuck in there.

The survey showed that raising conscience about the importance of flossing is needed. People should be educated about the bad affects of neglecting teeth. Leaving the food stuck between teeth often leads to bleeding gums, receding gums and bad breath.