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Hello there,

My gums bleed for no reason which gives me very bad breath. I feel very uncomfortable talking to someone sitting close to me. I visited my dentist about a year a go to clean my teeth. But now my teeth are all blackened around the edges again. What could be the reason and what should I use ?



Bleeding gums can be caused by several things and the bad breath is most likely from a bad tooth or bad oral hygiene. Do you brush your teeth regularly and do you put too much pressure on them while you brush? I know that gums tend to get weak from this and there for you may notice blood coming from you gums. Did you have any condition before you went to see a dentist? Do you floss your teeth? Some people have bad gums and with flossing things can only get worse. I would suggest that you try to use some mouthwash to avoid bad smell in your mouth. I hope this helped a bit.

Good luck,