:cry: Hi all.
I had an emergency c-section 12 weeks ago, and 8 weeks ago this problem started, i am getting pain in my stomach at the top it then comes into the ribcage and back, i have been to the hospital twice, had endless amounts of blood taken ecg, blood pressure and pulse rates, everything has come back normal. this mainly kicks in at night they said it was trapped wind so i stopped the fizzy drinks baked beans ect ect, but its still there i am on tablets for acid and still nothing the doctors keep fobbing me off with its gas! no matter how much i burp or fart it still dont go away, i can only ease it by making myself sick, then i hurt because i am wrenching! i really need some advice!

its not gallstones, anything to do with my pancreas either, but its after the c-section it started! its really getting me down!

becky :cry: :cry: :cry: