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I'm mid twenties, female. Over the past few years I've learned that if I eat before I go to bed and for some reason wake up that night with only 2~4 hours of sleep, my stomach will thank me for it with some painful cramping and Diarrhea over the next hour. This usually only happens every few months since I make it a point to avoid it.




Three nights ago I was up later than usual doing some homework for midterms. I ate a slice of pizza that I shouldn't have (was a few days old and wasn't warmed up very well.. I know, eww). I was just trying to stay awake as long as I could. I ended up falling asleep on my couch and about 2 hours later my boyfriend woke me up to go to bed.


My stomach hurt right away and I knew it was coming. This time around was more painful than usual, especially because I was extremely exhausted, so more sensitive. Whenever I get diarrhea I usually can expect to hit the toilet 3 times and it will be over and I can go back to sleep after drinking some water. This time around I think I went 4 times, but the fourth time just felt/looked kinda clear and fizzy - like there was nothing left to give. (usually the 3rd and final time is typical messy brown water/clumps)


Whats odd is I felt that I might still have to go yet again! (still had some gassy cramping) Usually once I'm done, I'm done and I feel good again (well, as good as you can after having diarrhea lol). So I quickly went to sleep.


The next morning, while urinating, I just barely felt something come out of my bottom. I couldn't find anything in the toilet so I wiped a bit and there was a very very small wet spot and the ever so slightest tinge of pink. I figured maybe I had wiped too hard the night before or something.


I still felt a little gassy still but nothing painful, so the next time I urinated I "let it out" so to speak. There was a very small amount of loose stool that came out, just a couple of small bits about the size of a finger nail. Once again I figured because I went to sleep before feeling better, this was just getting out the leftovers. When I wiped this time the blood was there again, but this time a bit more pronounced. It was still a very small spot on the tissue, but looked kinda like I had spit on the paper with a little bit of blood mixed in.


So now I'm freaking out. I know its not from wiping too hard, because I know what that looks like.


The next thing I did was kinda gross (WARNING) but I had to know if I needed to go to the ER or something. I examined one the of few little "pellets" that was in the toilet. It turned out to be more of a clear stringy thing with blood streaks in it. Any ladies out there - it reminded me of every once in a while on my period but not nearly as bloody. I examined another - same thing! Keep in mind this is all free pink blood (not dark). Oh - kinda like clear snot if you have a slight nose bleed! Ok.. sorry for another gross picture there, but that is a very good way to describe it!


So now I'm scared. And I google. I see things ranging from cancer to colitis to food poisoning. Colonoscopies and other things costing thousands of dollars, ect.


The rest of the day and since then, this has not happened again and I feel fine. I haven't had another BM yet, but that's typical for me to not have them for a few days after diarrhea since I tend to baby my stomach and stay off solid foods for a few days following such a wonderful life experience.


Should I be worried? Maybe it was slight food poisoning? Maybe because I had went to sleep early a had a slight tear right inside my anus and that small amount of blood came out the next day?


Sorry for the incredibly long post. I wanted to cover everything, exactly. I have - no - insurance =(.


Could be a few different things. You may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, which can be made worse during stress and with certain foods. You could have a micro fissure which is a tiny tear in the lining of the colon. Or you could ever have internal hemmerroids erm however you spell it. They can be irritated be low fiber intake and cause you to have blood in your stool. Hope this helps! Ask a doc!