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I had double bunion surgery ten weeks ago and now have more pain inside feet, than the bunions caused.  I have been going to physical therapy for three weeks with no help so far. I can hardly make it around in a super-store as my feet hurt soooo badly. Does it just take extra time and I am impatient?? Any help??


Hi Guest,

Wow, you must be tough, what a feat!  Are you superhuman?

Which procedure did you have done?

Seriously, I just had one done 5 weeks ago - lapidus procedure where they broke and reset with screws the tarsametatarsal, bunionectomy and hypermobility release of tendon or ligament.  I am still in pain and take my pain meds still - maybe I'm a wimp?  Anyways, I can't fathom having both done at a time as I am still non-weight bearing and am at least until next week and possibly 2 - 4 more weeks if not healed enough.

Do you still ice and elevate when you can?  Take ibuprofen as that will help with any inflammation that you have.  And, maybe call your operating doctor to make another appointment with them to re-evaluate the situation.  Maybe since you have started walking something came loose or you made something worse.

Wish I could be of more help.  Hey, at least you are moving around.  Good luck with the healing