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I found two lumps behind my right ear on Friday (21st Jan) also the same day I started having a bad headache. One of them is painful to touch. Last night I found two more on the top of my scalp. Could they be related?? Really don't know what it could be and if it is something I should worry about.



Hi Sara,

How big are the lumps? The lumps located behind your ear should be the lymph nodes. And if they have appeared it means that they are enlarged. And lymph nodes only get enlarged if there is some infection in the body. In your case it could be the infection of the ear. Are you experiencing any ear pain, beside the headache? The two lumps on top of your scalp are something different and they could be caused by the stress. I presume that you are stressing about this very much.

Where is the headache located? In frontal lobe or on the back of the head? Are you using any pain medication for the headache?

I hope you will get better