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So I have a result of 8.2 on my HbA1c and I have been following my diet to a 'T' and I am really frustrated that it is this high.  My sugars have been fine as well.  What gives?  Could my HbA1c result be accurate or can there be something wrong with it?  How can I know for sure without having to pay for another lab test? 


I would have to wonder first if your meter or test strips are having problems.  It would behoove you to check your test strips to see if they are still good.  This is done by doing a control test on them with the control solution included with the meter.  If it is out of parameters that are set for the solution, then the test strips are bad.  You should go and buy a new bottle and see if that resolves the problem.  If you find it isn’t the test strips when maybe you need to see if the meter is going bad. 

How often do you check your blood sugars?  If you are randomly taking them and it just so happens you take them when they are running good, that may be the problem.  You should check them in the morning before breakfast and before/after a meal for a few days and see what you get.  This may help you see that you are running higher results during the times you haven’t been checking them. 

You can see if you can get the lab to retake the test again without charge if you want to dispute the results.  I would think you would be entitled to do that.  If you find out that you are still at an 8.2 on your A1c, then you need to figure out why that is and adjust your diet.  Good luck!