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I went to the doctor yesterday and found that I am having pretty good HBA1C which is around 6 but I am still having slightly high fasting glucose results still.  How can I be having good A1c results but high fasting glucose?  Has anyone have this happen to them?


The lab workup for determining your A1c is a good estimate of your blood glucose control over the last 3 months of your life.  The red blood cells have a lifespan of 3 months so these little guys are tested to see how much glucose is attached to them and averaged.  The lab tech will yield a result that will give the doctor an average on the blood sugars for the past few months so he can determine how well you are doing.  If you are having a bit of higher readings in the morning, the A1c will just average the results in with your other blood sugars, sort of speak.  So you could be having very good results the rest of your day, every day except for in the mornings, but it makes up for it in the overall result.  It sounds like you still should figure out how to decrease the morning blood sugar.  You can do this by a little activity each morning.  This can include walking, jogging, housework, or swimming; any activity that you wish to do. 

I learned that I had to lose about 10 pounds to get my fasting glucose under control.  Maybe this could be the case for you.  As little as a 10% reduction in your weight can make a big difference in controlling your blood sugars.  Working out a bit more in addition to cutting back about 50-100 calories a day from your daily caloric intake may help you achieve this.  I hope this information helps.