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Good gosh.  I don't like this HbA1c lab work because I have to have it done every 3 months.  I hate going to the doctor every time I turn around to do this.  Why not have this type of test done once a year?  I do my blood glucose at home so I think this should be sufficient.  So I have been having some high numbers but not real high.  Maybe about 9 A1c results.  I have bgs range from 100 to 190 at different times of the day.  I just figure I need to tweaked my diet a bit better and also get my myself in as exercise program to help bring my numbers down better so i think that would be the best thing to control by HbA1c but I just haven't done it yet.  I am having a time kicking the sugar habit though I am getting better with it.


Once you are able to control your blood sugars for a certain length of time, the need for lab work should reduce down to perhaps every 6 months or annually.  Right now there is a need to monitor your blood sugars since they are not within normal range as they should be.  If you do begin adhering to you meal planning with what the doctor or dietician prescribed for you and started an exercise program, you will see a difference in your blood sugars.  If you are able to keep your numbers at a normal level, then you can discuss with your doctor the possibility of reducing the number of labs you have to have.  Until then, it is good to keep an eye on your A1c just so you are aware of what it is running.  You also need to keep checking your blood glucose levels so you can monitor how effective your dietary interventions are.