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For around a year now, I've had this slight dizziness feeling, slight confusion like difficulty in remember things, headaches at the top and side, eye pain (especially if I push it in abit) and had a blocked nose for ages. With this I've felt incredibly tired, like I'll get home and just want to sleep after work, but usually I go to bed about 10-11pm and wake up 6:30-7am, so I think I'm getting the correct amount of sleep.

Been to the doctor a few times and tried all sorts of things, from sprays to tablets, nothing is fixing me.

I have an appointment with the ENT, but the date keeps moving and is frustrating me.

It's been going on so long I start to think about brain tumours or MS, I hope it's neither!!

Does what I have sound like the typical sinus problems?

My mucous is usually clear and abit watery, sometimes I had some green mucuous.  I've been doing a nasal saline sinus flush aswell but doesn't appear to be helping.

I can live with the blocked nose thing, it's just the headaches, slight dizziness and fatigue, which happens all day every day, sometimes I don't have a headache but so far this week I've needed paracetemol every day, just to get me by.



hello .. I am from Philippines..  we are suffering here today cold and hot weather , i think this is the reason why my body can't cope up with this kind of weather.


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i went to ENT and prescribed me nasal spray (avamys) and antibiotics (cloxacillin) but after two weeks he said that i will stop taking antibiotics because my sinusitis is OK! as he said .. but until today i am suffering slight headaches, back pain, ..