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I have been experiencing these noises in my head/ears as if one would play the Radio and would turn the volume knob up and down, so the noise/sound will increase and decrease.
Any idea what this maybe?
Scottsdale AZ


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You could have fluid behind you ear drum.

When i was young an had a hearing prob i had fluid an the specialist gave me an exercise to do.

Im not sure if they would recomend it anymore tho. But i will tell you.

I had to hold my nose close my mouth an blow. I had to do this a few times a day. it worked.

I would get it checked out with your doctor if it carries on.


I used to drink heavily, and during that time, I would swear that a radio was playing in another room, the sound would vary, but it would be there. But, if you're not drinking heavily, which I hope you're not, then I'd check it out with my doctor. Actually, no matter what, I'd check it out with my doctor. When your brain starts acting up, you need to get that checked out, and hearing things that aren't there is a perfect example of "brain acting up." Hope you get it resolved.