Hi, this is quite a long story and list of problems I have

For the past 3 years I've been suffering from a undiagnosed mental disorder where when I'm in public I believe people are looking at me and I enjoy thinking they are looking at me for various reasons, when I was doing this I was stopping my breathing for long periods while thinking they are looking at me. It used to cause me migraines but they stopped.

Now I am having serious problems with my heart and respiratory problems.

All of these things have happened over the past 3 months, most at the same time.

Chest pain near heart and around sides of chestChest tightnessFeeling like I need to swallow all the timeConstant yawning and breathing in deeply to get oxygenExtreme nauseaTingling wave feeling over my headHeavy heartbeatTirednessDizziness, hard to concentrate on thingsHeadachesLight headednessFeeling like I'm losing consciousness when I try to sleep

Due to all of these things, going to work is a nightmare and I try to avoid large crowded places and enclosed spaces where there is a lack of oxygen, like trains and subways. I'm also unable to masturbate or have sex as when I start it causes me nausea and chest pains.

I've been to my doctor who keeps saying it's anxiety and he hasn't helped me at all. I've had an ECG which I should have the results back next week but I am thinking they are going to find nothing wrong. My life is a complete nightmare at the moment and I've become seriously depressed and constantly have suicidal thoughts.