Heart attacks in kids are not that common but they certainly are true and real. Pediatricians need to take that as a fact and don’t just disregard children who complain about chest pain.

Risk factors in kids heart attacks are obesity, family history, high blood pressure, drug abuse and the thing that is causing these heart attacks seems to be a heart spasm that shortly cuts off blood supply.

Symptoms of a child heart attack are similar to adult’s symptoms : crushing – type pain that radiates to the arm, jaw or neck.
Blood test that shows abnormal level of an enzyme made by injured or dying heart tissue or abnormal heart – imaging test are methods that are used to diagnose heart attacks in adults but also in children.

Children chest pain in 95% is not heart-related and mostly isn’t life threatening. Common cause of this chest pain are muscle strains, stress, infection, structural abnormalities or problems other than heart attacks. But, what is important is that physicians shouldn’t dismiss heart attack as a possibility.