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 I have severe heartburn at night and have like a gas bubbles in my throat were I have to burp over and over to get the heartburn to go away. I have seen a doctor and he told me I have esophageal errosions for acid in my stomack caused by acid reflex. I have been taking dexilant to keep the acid in my stomack and heal my esophagus. I have been taking this for 2 mons and still have nights where I get heartburn and gas bubble in my throat. I have decided to try some home remedies like 2 shots Aloe Vera Juice and 8 oz. warm water 2 tsp onn applecider vinger 1 tsp of honey for 3 days and on the third day had this server heart burn with a bubble and had to burp over and over to help relieve the pain.

Can anyone tell what is causing this to happen. Do you tell what I can do if I have another one of these attacts what  I can take or do for it?





I have the same thing only severe bubbles in the throat belching constantly. And in my stomach and is not severe but I would love to know what to do to get this to stop because I can't sleep at night