Hello guys! I been having problems since last 5 or so months with my throat. It all started back in summer where I had hard time eating food and vomited every single day. I went to my doctor and he gave me a shot for gastroenteritis, it helped but just for a day. It started again next day and didn't feel like eating and next time, he put me on Prilosec with another nausea medicine and it was lot better. But after the medicine was over, it started back again so he did H. pylor bacteria test and he found that i do have a bacterial infection in stomach and this is the reason this all started. He put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks, next time he checked it everything was okay. But i wasn't feeling completely okay and he sent me to a Ped GI doctor and he did few blood tests, everything was normal. He also scheduled an endoscopy and I got that done as well and he found out that I have a ulcer so he put me on Dexilant 60mg acid medicine. I feel a lot better than before, but still that uneasy feeling in the throat still stays. When this all started, i never had this feeling, but since i waited for too long, it started. Its like something is sticking in my throat like saliva and every time i swallow it goes back down with food and feels like "YUCK" so i try to swallow slowly. There is no burning, heartburn, or anything like that, but this watery feeling sticking in there. I try to eat food slowly and have hard time drinking milk, this is the reason i quit drinking milk. I read a few problems on this site and some people said this could be cause of nasaldrip or something. Any comments would be appreciated, i know its a long paragraph.