I had my period two weeks ago and I was not due for 14 days. I don't think I am pregnant. I was cramping and I just assumed I was Ovulating. Well the cramping continued for two more days and eventually I got home and realized I started my period. My menstrual blood always has a very distinct smell and this isnt exactly odorless, but when I actually try to smell it, it smells like actual blood (not menstrual) and it leaves me very worried. It was also bright red, and had the consistency of water. I am very sexually active, however I am not on the pill and do not use protection (I know that isn't safe). I am very confused because I should not have had another period for two more weeks and my fiancé thinks I may have had a very early miscarriage. The cramping is severe but luckily it is coming in waves. It shakes my entire body and sometimes has me in tears. The bleeding is heavier than a normal period and soaked my tampon after maybe 2 hours. And when I wipe there are a lot of black things (which I assume are the blood clots everyone talk about) while I normally only have one during my period