I know this may be long but I'd really appreciate the help :-).
So recently my muscles started really aching for no reason; especially in my neck and back. Also, my head feels like it's extremelly heavy and almost like my neck cannot hold it up.
I also keep getting this feeling where i become extremelly tired and lethargic. Today for example, one minute i was jumping up and down in a amazing mood then suddenly my body started to ache and i felt extremelly exausted. My boyfriend got extremelly worried because i could hardly keep my eyes open and i was just lounging everywhere, i was even slurring my words a little.
I sometimes also find it really hard to get up or bend over, despite not doing anything to injure myself.
Other thing i sometimes feel is light headeadness and fainty with slight headaches but nothing major.
I also got a strange bruise on my wrist with like blood spots around it, i'm not sure if that had anything to do with it or whether i just caught it without noticing?
I have had no previous ilnesses, the only thing i suffer from is mild asthma. I'm a pretty healthy 16 year old girl.
Does anyone have any idea what I should do? or what the possible causes could be perhaps?